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Support and facilities

As a student at the Liggins Institute you'll be supported throughout your study programme by an experienced and knowledgeable academic staff member. They are here to guide and advise you in your research project.

Student in Liggins lab


As a Liggins Institute student you'll have one primary supervisor who is a member of our research team and a specialist in your field of interest. PhD students are supported by additional supervisors and advisers, often from different or complementary disciplines. This ensures that you have access to a wide range of ideas, expertise, resources and opportunities.

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Watch current PhD student Shikha Pundir explain how much she values the supportive and open-door nature of the Liggins Institute.



You'll also be assigned at least two supervisors who are responsible for your research training and support. Supervisors are trained by the University to make sure you receive useful and effective support. The Liggins Institute also runs a postgraduate student mentorship programme which gives you access to additional academic staff members who can offer guidance during your studies.

You'll also get career advice, and help preparing for and traveling to national and international conferences.

International students are supported both within the Liggins Institute (we have a person dedicated to support international students) and also within the University through the International Office.



All postgraduate students at the Liggins have access to desk space and computers.

The Liggins Institute offers state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment, including cell culture facilities,  confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry, DEXA scanning, Real-time PCR analysis, and SNP, methylation and expression analysis using a Sequenom Epityper as well as a research farm and a clinical research unit.

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All University of Auckland facilities and support services are available to Liggins students. To find out more about the facilities and support services available visit the University's section about Life at Auckland.