Liggins Institute

The Liggins Institute was the University’s first large-scale research institute. Our vision is 'a healthy start for a healthy life' and our mission is to improve life-long health through excellent research into the long-term consequences of early life events.

Research themes

Our goal is to turn research discoveries into real strategies that will help people to prevent and manage major health problems in the 21st century and our four key research themes focus on achieving this.

How to get involved

Attend a public lecture, take part in a clinical trial or make a donation. There are lots of ways to get involved and help improve health outcomes at every age and stage.

Future postgraduates

Choose from a wide range of postgraduate degrees and research projects to kick-start your career in biomedical research, or cultivate new skills that will complement your clinical practice.

  • Fresh fish oil lowers diabetes risk in rat offspring
    18 July 2017
    Fresh fish oil given to overweight pregnant rats prevented their offspring from developing a major diabetes risk factor, Auckland researchers have found.
  • Research update on Multiple Sclerosis
    17 July 2017
    Dr Scott Graham, expert in neuroinflammation, and co-investigators Dr Jennifer Pereira; ADHB’s leading MS neurologist, and Dr Simon O’Carroll; Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility (SCIRF), are investigating an unknown soluble substance that appears to have an effect on the permeability of the brain in patients with MS.
  • The CBR hosts Neurological Choirs Workshop
    10 July 2017
    In Auckland, Music Therapy New Zealand and the Centre for Brain Research co-facilitated the Music Therapy Week Neurological Choirs Workshop, hosted by Professor Suzanne Purdy, Alison Talmage RMTh and Shari Storie RMTh.
  • Exercise in early life has long-lasting benefits
    07 July 2017
    Exercise in early life counteracts some of the damaging programming effects of a high-fat diet, a new Auckland study shows.
  • Leading NZ-Australian child health research institutes join forces
    03 July 2017
    New Zealand and Australia’s leading child health research institutes are joining forces to advance our knowledge of how nutrition interacts with a person’s genetic make-up to shape health and wellbeing.