Liggins Institute

Research themes

Our research has shown the importance of children having a healthy start to life. Our four key research themes explore the influence of the early life environment on the long-term health of this and future generations.

Mother with pre-term baby
  • Healthy mothers, healthy babies

    A mother’s environment, diet and lifestyle during pregnancy and even before conception can influence the outcome of her pregnancy and her child’s life-long health.

  • Nutrition for life-long health

    Good nutrition is important at every stage of life: from the health of parents at conception, to the impact of diet on muscle health in adulthood.

  • Determinants of a healthy life

    This ground-breaking area of science is a key research theme at Liggins because of its potential to understand why and how non-communicable diseases develop.

  • Research to Reality

    Research to Reality is all about finding the best ways to translate our research findings into changes in clinical practice.