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Liggins Institute Trust

The Liggins Institute Trust was established in 2004. The Trust actively promotes the work of the Institute and raises and manages funds to support our activities.


Your contribution to the Trust will be directed to advancing the life-changing research carried out at the Institute. Our supporters are an integral part of the Liggins community. They have opportunities to meet the scientists and see their work in action, and attend lectures and social events with distinguished visitors.

Become a supporter of the Liggins Institute

The Liggins Institute is required to be self sustaining. While it competes successfully for public and commercial research funding, it must look to the wider community to grow and develop.

All donors and supporters of the Liggins Institute and the Liggins Institute Trust are recognised as “Friends”.

The Liggins Trust will fund 'blue sky' research projects. This provides funding for innovative start-up research projects and pilot studies that, once initial data and methodology is established, will be in a strong position to attract grants from the major research funding sources.

The Liggins Trust also aims to have, within the next ten years, a significant endowment fund to ensure a level of certainty for research.



Giving to the Liggins Institute Trust

There is a range of opportunities to contribute to the Liggins Institute through the Liggins Trust.

Annual appeal - this is mailed to all supporters and contacts in the latter part of each year and seeks support for specified research projects and general costs.

Fundraising events are held each year and supporters are invited to these events.

Bequests are another way to contribute to the endowment fund, providing support in perpetuity for Liggins Institute research.

More information is available on request.


Funds are managed through the University of Auckland Foundation which distributes gifts to the Institute in accordance with the donors’ wishes.

On-line donations can be made through the Giving to Auckland website /Liggins Institute.

Further information about supporting the Liggins Institute is available from Dr Nicole Bassett, Liggins Institute Development Manager.


Liggins Connect

Supporters receive a regular email newsletter with details of fundraising events, public lectures and news from the  Institute.

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Patron and trustees

The Patron of the Trust is the founding Director of the Liggins Institute Professor Sir Peter Gluckman FRSNZ, FMedSci, FRS

The trustees of the Liggins Institute Trust are

  • Adjunct Professor Richard Fisher (Chair)
  • Professor Alastair MacCormick
  • Lyndy Sainsbury
  • Kaaren Goodall
  • Harry White
  • Professor Wayne Cutfield
  • Charlotte Swasbrook
  • Dr Jackie Liggins 

The Liggins Institute Trust has been registered by the Charities Commission (registration number CC26321) and donations are tax deductible within the limits of the Inland Revenue Act.



Contact the Liggins Institute Trust

The Liggins Institute Trust
PO Box 110085
Auckland 1148
New Zealand

Dr Nicole Bassett | Liggins Institute Development Manager

Phone: 021 2462801