Liggins Institute

Teacher fellowships and professional development

The Liggins Institute and LENScience offer a range of resources and opportunities designed to help teachers keep abreast of today’s rapid advances in science.

We recognise that one of the greatest joys – and challenges – of teaching biology today is the constant need to keep up with current research. Biology, in particular, is a science that is advancing at an accelerating pace and these advances in knowledge are a core part of the school curriculum.

Through our LENScience Teacher programmes we provide professional development and support for secondary biology teachers, including class learning resources, opportunities for hands-on experience of new laboratory techniques and methodologies and seminars by leading international scientists.

All our programmes are devised, managed and supported by experienced senior biology teachers and curriculum managers.

For further information visit the LENScience website.

Or contact LENScience Director Jacquie Bay

Royal Society of New Zealand Teacher Fellowships

The Liggins Institute regularly hosts secondary science teachers undertaking these prestigious one year fellowships. Teachers who are interested in working on a suitable research project alongside Liggins staff and students are invited to visit our research pages to identify an area of interest and make contact with an investigator in that area.

Visit the Royal Society of New Zealand Teacher Fellowships website.