Liggins Institute

Principal investigators

Meet the people who lead our major research themes and programmes.

Professor Wayne Cutfield

Paediatric endocrinology, nutrition.

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman

Evolutionary medicine, developmental epigenetics, International Healthy Start to Life Project.

Professor Jane Harding

Fetus and newborn, nutrition.

Professor Philip Baker

Maternal and fetal health

Professor Caroline Crowther

Maternal and perinatal health

Professor Frank Bloomfield

Fetus and newborn, nutrition.

Professor Paul Hofman

Paediatric endocrinology, nutrition.

Mhoyra Fraser

Perinatal brain development.

Jian Guan

Developmental neurobiology.

Dongxu Liu

Breast cancer.

Susan Morton

International Healthy Start to Life Project.

Mark Oliver

Fetus and newborn, nutrition.

Justin O'Sullivan

Genetics and genome organisation

Jo Perry

Breast cancer.

Allan Sheppard

Developmental epigenetics, nutrition.

Mark Vickers

Developmental programming, nutrition.

Jacquie Bay

LENScience, science education.

Admission to a PhD programme

Inaugural lectures 2013

Join exercise in pregnancy study

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