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A message from our Director Professor Wayne Cutfield.

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Professor Sir Graham Liggins

One of the world’s greatest medical scientists.

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Quality of life through quality research.


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Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development

A New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence.


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About the Liggins Institute

The Liggins Institute is one of the world’s leading centres for research on fetal and child health, nutrition, development, breast cancer, epigenetics and evolutionary medicine.

Our aim is to rapidly translate discoveries in basic science into therapies and strategies that will prevent or help people manage major health problems of the 21st century. We have shown that many common diseases of middle and old age have their origins very early in life – often before conception.

Our work has led to a treatment for neonatal brain damage, a link between preterm birth and risk of developing diabetes, new treatment strategies for breast cancer and the recognition of clear links between early life nutrition and later life disease.

Our postgraduate training programmes are based on multi-disciplinary approaches supervised by investigators who have international reputations in a wide range of fields.

We are committed to promoting awareness and understanding of science through public events and the LENScience network of programmes for schools.

Admission to a PhD programme

Inaugural lectures 2013

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