Liggins Institute


The Liggins Institute regularly hosts high profile international scientists, academics and communicators, many of whom are fascinating interview subjects.

Current and scheduled visitors

For further information and interview opportunities contact Liggins Institute Director



Previous visitors

A number of leading academics have visited the Institute. While here, they have engaged in joint research projects and many have given public lectures and media interviews.

Previous visitors include:

  • Professor Marjo-Riitta J√§rvelin, Imperial College London and University of Oulu, Finland
  • Professor Clare Hanson, The Centre for Contemporary Writing, The University of Southampton (UK)
  • Professor Lord Robert Winston, Imperial College London
  • Professor Sir Patrick Bateson, University of Cambridge. Former Biological Vice President of the Royal Society
  • Professor Eric Kandel, Columbia University (USA). Nobel Laureate
  • Professor Mark Hanson, Director Institute for Developmental Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Professor John Challis, Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Canada
  • Professor Michael Meaney, McGill University, Canada
  • Professor Roger Short, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Ieuan Hughes, University of Cambridge
  • Professor David Barker, University of Southampton