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Liggins in the media 2014

December 2014

15 December
Article profiles National Science Challenge - High Value Nutrition
Idealog - Food as the cure

11 December
Professor Jane Harding announced a finalist for NZ Herald New Zealander of the Year
New Zealander of the Year: $2 gel massage keeps newborns' brains safe

03 December
Dr Justin O'Sullivan's research on the organisation of DNA in cells profiled in
NZ Herald: Kiwi scientists shed new light on disease

November 2014

14 November
Recent research at the Liggins Institute suggesting possible effects of parental age on offspring's metabolism was published in the American Journal of Human Biology.
Media release

It received international media coverage:
Chicago Chronicle
Business Standard (India)     
Daily Mail (UK)

10 November
Article profiles progress in developing National Science Challenge: High Value Nutrition
National Business Review - Decisions on controversial High Value Nutrition funding to be made by year end

07 November
Philip Baker, Professor of Fetal and Maternal Health and Director of Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development was awarded a Grand Challenges Exploration Grant, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for an innovative global health and development research project, titled “Prediction of fetal neurodevelopmental outcome through the maternal hair metabolome”.

20 November Radio NZ "Nine to Noon" interview Major research into brain development in the womb
07 November New Zealand Herald Hair sample offers vital data on foetus
07 November TVNZ ONE News Mother's hair could hold key to preventing under-developed babies


01 November
Professor Sir Peter Gluckman is Co-chair of the WHO Commission on ending childhood obesity. He discussed obesity, its origins and impact on health in an interview with Kim Hill.
Radio NZ National: Saturday Morning - Sir Peter Gluckman: obesity and health


October 2014

18 October
Dr Justin O’Sullivan talks about his research on how the organisation of DNA determines the characteristics of cells and regulates the way cells operate – and how this might affect our health.
Interview on Radio NZ National: Saturday Morning

September 2014

30 September
Professor Wayne Cutfield comments on potential links between antibiotics, gut bacterial and weight gain in childhood.
NZ Herald: Antibiotics link to child obesity


August 2014

16-26 August
The first-ever meeting of international science advice practitioners took place in Auckland 28-29 August, chaired and hosted by Liggins Institute Founding Director and Chief Science Advisor to the NZ Prime Minister, Sir Peter Gluckman on behalf of the International Council for Science. Conference website
26 August
TV3 News: Interview - Top science advisors to meet in Auckland
25 August Radio NZ Morning Report: Interview - Two thousand international scientists in NZ for World Science Week
16 August NZ Herald: Interview - Helping to muster best brains for NZ


14 August
Article about severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) discusses nutritional and health aspects of the condition, including reference to the Liggins Institute’s findings.
  NZ ListenerA mother of a sickness

Research on childhood obesity by Taranaki-based Liggins Institute Senior Clinical Research Fellow and Doctoral Candidate Dr Yvonne Anderson, reported in
Magazine Taranaki (August-September issue): The fat issue


July 2014

31 July
Professor Paul Hofman discusses problems associated with childhood obesity and its role in perpetuating intergenerational cycles of obesity.
Radio NZ Our Changing World: Interview -  Childhood obesity

June 2014

17 June
Professor Paul Hofman discusses potential for trained “diabetic dogs” to help care for owners
TV3 News: Diabetic woman’s dog a true lifesaver

08 June
Sir Peter Gluckman interviewed on childhood obesity
TVNZ: Q and A programme


May 2014

30 May
Professor Wayne Cutfield interviewed on origins of obesity
TVNZ Breakfast

19 - 22 May
Media coverage: Professor Sir Peter Gluckman appointed co-chair WHO commission on ending childhood obesity

22 May TV3 News
20 May NZ Herald/Bay of Plenty Times: Ryall congratulates comrade on fight against obesity
19 May TVNZ ONE News


February 2014

10 February
Lead article about LENScience programme
NZ Education Gazette Getting science out there

07 February
Liggins Institute study on health risks associated with first born children led by Professor Wayne Cutfield reported in
NZ Herald
: Firstborns lead middle age spread



Liggins in the media 2013

November 2013

23 November
Liggins Institute follow-up study on adults who were born preterm
NZ Herald: Premature birth links to obesity, say researchers

19 November

Report on Parliamentary Health Committee enquiry refers to Liggins Institute research
NZ Herald
: Children's Health: Shift focus to care of young – MPs
NZ Herald: Revealed: official plan to health check mums

07 November
Dr Deborah Harris receives Young Investigator Award in the Neonatal Update 2013 Symposium at Imperial College London
NZ Herald
: Nursing research wins top award


October 2013

10 October
Article about LENScience Healthy Start to Life Education for Adolescents Project
NZ Listener
You become what you eat


September 2013

26 September
Liggins Institute research on treatment of neonatal hypoglycaemia with oral dextrose gel
NZ Herald:
Sweet gel treats sugar babies
NZ Herald: Cheap gel treats newborns with low blood-sugar – study

09 September
Liggins Institute research on health risks for first born children cited in article
New Scientist
: Chance inheritance: the subtle power of birth order

22 September reprinted in
South China Morning Post : Birth control


August 2013

05 August
Industry blog/report on presentation by Professor David Cameron-Smith at The Red Meat Sector Conference
MeatExportNZ: Meating the needs of an ageing population

04 August
Associate Professor Paul Hofman talks about Liggins Institute research study
Sunday Star Times “Older fathers have skinnier kids”


July 2013

15 July
Feature story by Donna Chisholm about Liggins Institute research by Professor Wayne Cutfield et al. on effects of post-term birth on long-term health
North and South
(August 2013) “Risky Baby Business”


June 2013

10 June
Online chat with Professor Philip Baker
NZ Herald
: What I do: live chat with obstetrician scientist Phil Baker

05 June
Liggins Institute research on effects of maternal nutrition on child health contributes to government plan for reducing obesity
NZ Herald
: Attack on obesity starts before life


May 2013

Professor David Cameron-Smith on “Surprising facts about protein”
Good magazine
May-June 2013 issue

08 May
Article cites research by Professor Peter Gluckman, Liggins Institute and international collaborators
NZ Herald
: The kiwi diet when is the right time to intervene?



April 2013

24 April
A clinical trial by researchers at the Liggins Institute has shown that an extract of fresh olive leaves reduces some risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes.
NZ listener
: A new leaf of life

March 2013

14 March
Liggins Institute researchers are undertaking a clinical trial to investigate potential for an oral dextrose gel to prevent neonatal hypoglycaemia
NZ Listener
: Preventing neonatal hypoglycaemia

February 2013

12-15 February
Coverage of research study on long-term health risks for first-born children

15 February WTV/TV9: Professor Wayne Cutfield interview
14 February
Science media Centre, Wellington Media coverage overview
12 February
Stuff/DominionPost: Eldest children health risk

14 February

Dr Jane Alsweiler, paediatrician and researcher with LiFePATH group talks about breast feeding
TVNZ Breakfast: Is breast best?


January 2013

31 January
Liggins Institute research on nutrition and conception
NZ Listener
: Conception enhancement: eating for baby