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Our programmes bring school teachers and students into contact with scientific research communities. They are designed to inspire schools to maximise student potential through high quality learning opportunities for both students and teachers.


LENScience was established in 2006 when former Prime Minister Helen Clark opened the Sir John Logan Campbell classroom at the Liggins Institute. Its wide ranging programmes provide opportunities for school students and teachers to learn about the latest advances in the life sciences within the context of current, applied biomedical research and links directly to the secondary science curriculum. Each programme is designed and led by experienced secondary school teachers working in collaboration with practising scientists. Read about the LENScience Director Jacquie Bay.

The programme has been enthusiastically embraced and endorsed by local educators. More than 3,000 students from schools across Auckland attend programmes in the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom each year while further students participate in seminars broadcast to schools across New Zealand.

There is no charge for schools to participate in LENScience programmes; the Liggins Institute believes they should be available to all schools regardless of individual resources or location. Funding for the programmes comes principally from Institute funds, Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development, public good grants and philanthropic donations.

A purpose designed Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom which formed the heart of LENScience activities was built with the support of the Lion Foundation and the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate. A second classroom was added when the Liggins Institute and LENScience moved to new facilities on the University's redeveloped Grafton Campus in 2012.

LENScience is grateful to the Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate for its on-going support of the programme.


LENScience website

Visit the LENScience website for full information on LENScience, its programmes and opportunities for students and teachers.

LENScience website


LENScience programmes

Find information about of the main LENScience programmes for students and teachers on the LENScience website:

  • LENScience Face to Face
    Contextual teaching and learning programmes based in the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom
  • LENScience Connect
    Interactive seminars for students and teachers broadcast to schools throughout New Zealand
  • LENScience Mentor
    Programmes enabling gifted and talented students to engage in scientific research
  • LENScience Māori and Pacific
    Programmes strengthening education achievement in Science/Pūtaiao for Māori and Pacific students
  • LENScience Bio-Med Summer School
    Supporting the transition to university
  • LENScience Teacher
    Professional development programmes designed to assist teachers to use scientific research to inform teaching
  • LENScience Research
    Combined education and science research platforms are used to build and analyse effective methods for the translation of the scientific within non-science communities
  • Analysis of the impact of the science-science education partnership on teaching and learning in schools
  • LENScience community education
    Community education programmes via workplace and community groups, enabling interaction between people and scientists.

Contact LENScience

Enquiries and registration of interest contact LENScience Director
Jacquie Bay