Liggins Institute

Postdoctoral training

The Liggins is an ideal launching point for a career in biomedical or clinical research.


The Liggins is an internationally recognised centre for early career research training. Our multi-disciplinary and translational approaches to problems in women’s and children’s health and nutrition and their later life consequences offer unique opportunities for suitably qualified graduates to acquire the skills to become independent researchers with international research networks.

Supervision and support

We recognise the need to support young researchers through the transition from postgraduate to independent researcher. Our postdoctoral fellows become valued members of one or more research groups where they are encouraged to develop their research profiles and skills in teaching, supervising students, academic writing and presentations and funding applications.

Contact us

If you are interested in future postdoctoral research at the Liggins Institute, email the investigators listed in the areas of interest in our research pages or email the Director.