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Why study with us?

Why you should consider enrolling in a study programme or taking on a research project at the world-renowned Liggins Institute.

Liggins PhD students conducting a clinical trial

About the Liggins Institute

The Liggins Institute is a large-scale research institute at the University of Auckland. Our mission is to improve lifelong health through excellent research into the long-term consequences of early life events. With type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity on the rise, identifying the determinants of a healthy start to life has never been so important.

Our students come from all over the world to carry out research that will make a difference to people's health now and for generations to come. Some come directly from undergraduate programmes, some are returning to further study after several years in the workforce, and others are clinicians taking on research projects to complement their clinical practice.

Whatever your background, you'll be supervised by internationally recognised academic staff who are experts in their field, you'll have access to world-class facilities, and you'll have all the benefits of being part of New Zealand's only world-ranked university.

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Meet a current student

PhD student Stephanie Segovia is investigating the impact of maternal obesity on the long-term health of a mother's offspring. Find out what she thinks are the advantages of conducting her research at Liggins.


A unique multi-disclipinary approach

By drawing on expertise from a range of complementary fields, we can view human health problems from different angles at once. Some research projects have direct clinical relevance and can be quickly applied as strategies that benefit community health. Others focus on uncovering the molecular mechanisms behind diseases like type 2 diabetes and complications of pregnancy such as pre-term birth.


What to expect from your studies

Take on a research project with us and you'll be supported by academic staff who are internationally known and respected. Many of our academics are involved in research projects across the University, and many others are practising clinicians. As well as carrying out their own research, they also supervise student work and are here to guide and help you.

A degree from the Liggins Institute can establish a base for your career in biomedical research. It can also help you build research skills that will complement clinical practice or further study.

Whether you want to take on an honours, masters or PhD programmes in biomedical or medical research, we provide excellent facilities. You'll receive high-level training in research and laboratory techniques, and you'll benefit from career opportunities and travel support to national and international conferences.