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Study pathways

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have done undergraduate or postgraduate study in subjects including biology, physiology, nutrition, health sciences and animal science. Others are practising clinicians undertaking research in their area of interest.

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Subjects on offer

The Liggins Institute is truly multi-disciplinary and draws on expertise from a range of complementary fields. This allows us to view problems in human health from a number of angles at once and translate scientific discoveries into therapies and strategies that benefit community health.

Some research projects have direct clinical relevance while others are focused on uncovering the molecular mechanisms that underlie diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancers.

If you have a good academic record in a relevant subject, there are lots of opportunities to take on postgraduate research at the Liggins Institute.

We welcome applications from students with a background in the following subjects and disciplines:

  • biological sciences including molecular medicine, neuroscience, physiology
  • clinical medicine and health sciences including obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, nursing, pharmacology endocrinology
  • animal or veterinary science.

Check out the current research projects on offer and who is supervising them.


Opportunities for clinicians

For practising clinicians, postgraduate study is a wonderful opportunity to spend time investigating your field of interest. Postgraduate study develops a range of analytical and problem solving skills, as well as building expertise in your chosen area. Dr Ben Albert is a practising paediatrician currently completing his PhD at the Liggins Institute. Watch what he has to say about postgraduate study.  


Summer studentships

Summer studentships are short-term scholarships for undergraduate students to get a taste of postgraduate study. The Liggins Institute offers a number of these funded research projects each summer vacation. For many former students, a summer studentship was the start of a research career that has included honours and doctoral projects with Liggins scientists.

Read more about the summer research scholarships on offer.  


Find out more

For more information about study options and scholarships, or to arrange an informal chat, please contact the Liggins Institute Academic Director, Associate Professor Mark Vickers.

Phone: +64 9 923 6229