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Liggins graduates have moved into a wide range of different careers. Visit our career pathways page to meet some of them or send us an email to tell us your story.

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A brief history of the Liggins Institute

In 2001, three research groups in the University’s Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences moved into a partly renovated building in Park Avenue, Grafton to begin a united, multidisciplinary research effort focused on key issues related to the health of women and children.

Our first decade saw a number of changes: a new Director, new staff, new science, new programmes, new funding and supporters, a new logo – and from September 2012 a new building. We moved into purpose-designed facilities on the newly redeveloped Grafton Campus of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. The Liggins Institute was officially opened on this site on 29 November 2013 by Hon. Steven Joyce as Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment and Minister of Science and Innovation.

The opening was marked with a series of public lectures about the Institute’s contributions and potential for improving child health and wellbeing. Watch Womb to Wellness - a conversation with our community.

Throughout all the changes, the Liggins Institute has remained committed to conducting and communicating excellent, translational research that remains relevant to our community; while nurturing a new generation of talented researchers.

We have embraced new technologies and knowledge in our quest to understand what will give future generations a healthy start to life. Increasingly we are discovering the importance of nutrition from before conception through fetal and postnatal development, childhood and adolescence in determining our long-term health and disease risk.

Our scientists have been at the forefront of research to pin-point the molecular and evolutionary mechanisms that link early life diet with chronic diseases of middle age such as obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Sadly, 2010 marked the death of Sir Graham (Mont) Liggins, the medical research genius for whom our institute is named. Our anniversary events provide opportunities to commemorate Mont’s life and achievements. In 2016 we proudly celebrated 15 years of innovative biomedical research at the University of Auckland.

As the Liggins Institute moves forward, we thank all current and former staff and students for the contributions they have made and look forward to the exciting discoveries ahead.


Giving to Liggins

Philanthropic support is essential to the work of Liggins Institute researchers and we are currently seeking philanthropic support for PhD scholarships. This type of funding gives our academics the ability ot attract the best and brightest students quickly, rather than having to wait for lengthy and time consuming grant applications to come to fruition - with the risk that they may not.

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