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LiFePATH: who we are

A collaborative, multidisciplinary research group focused on fetal, perinatal and maternal translational research for lifelong health


The LiFePATH (Liggins Fetal, Perinatal and Maternal Translational Research for Lifelong Health) Group is a collaborative multidisciplinary research group operating within the Liggins Institute. Our investigators include senior researchers, practising medical specialists, and biomedical scientists.
We collaborate with many other people and organisations both within New Zealand and internationally. These include researchers across diverse fields related to health and agriculture, health practitioners, and community leaders.
Our research students include clinicians from a number of medical fields and biomedical scientists. We also have a dedicated group of professional staff to support our extensive clinical and experimental research programmes.


Research teams

Members of the LiFePATH group work within the six research teams shown in the diagram below. Each team is led by one of our senior investigators, and these team leaders make up our central leadership group.

Research Team Leaders
Mechanisms team

Frank Bloomfield

Physiology team Anne Jaquiery, Mark Oliver
Maternal, perinatal and children’s trials team

Jane Alsweiler

Follow-up and children’s studies team

Jane Harding

Research synthesis team

Caroline Crowther

Clinical translation team

Caroline Crowther

diagram showing relationships of LiFePATH teams


Within the Liggins Institute

Professor Wayne Cutfield
Professor Paul Hofman
Professor Philip Baker

At The University of Auckland

  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute: Associate Professor Poul Nielsen, Dr Andrew Taberner, Dr. David Long, Professor Bruce Smaill, Associate Professor Martyn Nash, Professor Merryn Tawhai 
  • Department of Physiology, FMHS: Associate Professor Ian LeGrice, Professor Bruce Smaill, Dr Gregory Sands
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, FMHS: Professor Lesley McCowan, Dr Katie Groom
  • Department of Psychological Medicine, FMHS: Dr. Trecia Wouldes
  • Department of Nutrition, FMHS: Associate Professor Clare Wall
  • Centre for Brain Research, FMHS: Professor Mike Dragunow
  • Department of Optometry and Vision Science, FMHS: Associate Professor Ben Thompson, Associate Professor Rob Jacobs, Dr. Nicola Anstice, Dr. John Phillips
  • Department of Anatomy with Radiology, FMHS: Professor Brett Cowan, Associate Professor Alistair Young
  • Department of Health Systems, FMHS: Dr Richard Edlin

At Auckland District Health Board (ADHB)

  • Children’s Emergency Services: Dr Stuart Dalziel
  • Ophthalmology: Dr Shuan Dai
  • Te Puaruruhau: Dr Patrick Kelly (Director)
  • Newborn Services: Honorary Associate Professor Malcolm Battin
  • Women’s Health: Dr Janet Rowan
  • Cardiology: Dr Nigel Lever

At other organisations

New Zealand

  • Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, Dr Te Kani Kingi
  • Massey University: Professor Hugh Blair, Professor Paul Kenyon, Dr Catriona Jenkinson, Dr Cathryn Conlon
  • AgResearch: Tony Pleasants, Dr Sue McCoard, Dr Paul Shorten
  • Waikato Hospital: Dr Phil Weston, Dr Deborah Harris, Dr Arun Nair
  • Middlemore Hospital: Dr Mike Meyer
  • Christchurch Hospital: Dr Adrienne Lyn
  • Wellington Hospital: Dr Michael Hewson
  • Dunedin Hospital: Associate Professor Roland Broadbent
  • University of Canterbury: Professor Geoffrey Chase
  • University of Otago: Associate Professor Peter Dearden, Dr Christine Jasoni




  • University of Adelaide: Ms Philippa Middleton, Associate Professor Ross Haslam
  • Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne: Associate Professor Carl Kuschel
  • Ritchie Centre, Monash University, Melbourne: Professor Stuart Hooper
  • University of Melbourne: Professor Lex Doyle


  • University of Toronto: Professor John Challis
  • Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto: Dr Kristin Connor


  • University of Copenhagen: Associate Professor Mette Olaf Nielsen, Professor Per Sangild


  • University of Amsterdam: Professor Hans van Goudoever

United Kingdom

  • University of Manchester: Professor Anne White
  • University of Liverpool: Professor James Neilson, Professor Zarko Alfirevic

United States

  • Oregon Health and Science University: Professor Kent Thornburg



Research students

PhD students

Dr Nataliia Burakevych, medical doctor
Barbara Cormack, neonatal/paediatric dietitian
Dr Jo Hegarty, neonatologist
Dr Emma McGoldrick, trainee obstetrician
Dr Charlotte Oyston, trainee obstetrician
Kai Yie Tay, biomedical scientist
Dr Anna Tottman, trainee neonatologist
Dr Kathryn Williamson, neonatologist
Ruth Martis
Robyn Lawrence


Support staff

Liggins Institute Farm staff


Facility Manager: Gregg Pardoe
Technicians: Travis Gunn, Maggie Honeyfield-Ross


Liggins Staff

Technicians: Hui Hui Phua
PAs: Noleen Van Zyl (for Professor Caroline Crowther), Kate Sommers (for Professors Frank Bloomfield and Jane Harding)
Senior Research Associate: Dr José Derraik
Research Fellow: Dr Julie Brown
Systematic Review Officer: Tineke Crawford
Research Nurses: Coila Bevan, Sapphire Martin, Jenny Rogers, Sabine Huth
Study Coordinators: Jessica Brosnahan, Ellen Campbell, Kelly Fredell


Data Management Team

Statisticians: Dr Greg Gamble, Dr Yannan Jiang
Database Managers: Karen Frost, Safayet Hossin
Clinical Research Associate: Jess Wilson
Data Entry Assistants: Grace McKnight, Sarah Wilson

Child Development Assessment Team
Research Nurses: Coila Bevan, Sapphire Martin, Jenny Rogers, Heather Stewart
Psychological Assessors: Judith Ansell, Christina McQuoid, Neil Micklewood, Jenny Rogers, Heather Stewart
Vision Assessors: Arijit Chakraborty, Nabin Paudel
Paediatric Health Assessors: Dr Nataliia Burakevych, Dr Anna Tottman


Projects available for new research students

We have openings for postgraduate students who wish to pursue honours, masters and doctoral level research. We welcome enquiries from potential students from a variety of backgrounds and career stages.

Previous students have undertaken research training at all stages of a clinical career from junior resident to established specialist. We have particular expertise in training clinicians, including allied health professionals such as nurse practitioners and nutritionists, to develop as clinician scientists.

For general enquiries please email Ellen Campbell:

Find projects that are available now.

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