Liggins Institute

Fetal, Perinatal and Maternal Translational Research

Improving the care of mothers and babies, with a focus on how maternal, fetal and neonatal treatments, including nutrition and the intrauterine environment, affect growth, development and long-term health.

LiFePATH Research Group

Liggins Fetal, Perinatal and Maternal Translational Research for Lifelong Health

Our vision is lifelong health for women, children and future generations, recognising the importance of the period from before conception through to early childhood in determining health throughout life.

Our mission is to improve lifelong health through excellence in maternal, perinatal and childhood research and advances in medical practice. Our research programme includes clinical trials and follow-up studies, experimental research, research synthesis (reviews), and research translation into medical practice guidelines. We are also dedicated to the advancement of health in the future by training the next generation of medical research leaders.