Liggins Institute

Endocrinology and nutrition

Discovering how factors in the early life environment such as nutrition affect future health and the biochemical pathways that promote those effects

Endocrinology and nutrition research

The environment a baby is conceived into, develops in as a fetus and is ultimately born into, essentially programmes its development and the way it responds to its environment for the rest of its life. Nutrition is (arguably) the most significant factor in the early life environment in programming life-long health.
This multidisciplinary research group integrates studies in cell and molecular biology, mathematical (computer) and physiological models, clinical endocrine research and epidemiology.

  • Clinical endocrinology

    Effects of nutrition, preterm birth, in vitro fertilisation and exercise on growth, metabolism and the risk of diabetes, obesity and chronic disease in later life.

  • Nutrition

    The role of nutrition in promoting health throughout the life course.

  • Developmental programming

    Discovering how our early nutrition determines our future health and how we can reverse the pathways to obesity and diabetes.