Liggins Institute

Directory of staff and students

This page lists academic, professional and honorary staff and doctoral level students. Links provide access to further contact details and profiles in the University's online Directory.








Professor Frank Bloomfield

Liggins Institute Director
Professor of Neonatology

+64 9 923 8346

Jointly with Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health

Professor Wayne Cutfield

Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology

+64 9 923 1966


Professor David Cameron-Smith

Deputy Director, Research Director
Professor of Nutrition

+64 9 923 1336


Sir Peter Gluckman

Distinguished Professor
Professor of Paediatric and Perinatal Biology

+64 9 923 6318

Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of NZ

Professor Jane Harding

Distinguished Professor
Professor of Neonatology

+64 9 923 8346

Former University of Auckland Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor Caroline Crowther

Professor of Maternal and Perinatal Health


Professor Paul Hofman

Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology

+64 9 923 6453


Professor Martin Kussmann Professor of Systems Biology in Nutrition and Health   Chief Scientist, High-Value Nutrition (National Science Challenge)
Professor Mark Vickers
Associate Director - Academic +64 9 923 6687

Associate Professor Justin O'Sullivan

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Katie Groom Associate Professor (Hugo Charitable Trust Fellow)  

Senior lecturers and research fellows

Dr José Derraik Senior Research fellow +64 9 923 3794  

Dr Anne Jaquiery

Senior Lecturer

Dr Chris McKinlay Senior Lecturer      

Dr Mark Oliver

Senior Research Fellow

+64 7 333 8493


Dr Jo Perry

Senior Research Fellow

+64 9 923 7873


Dr Allan Sheppard

Senior Research Fellow


Dr Tatjana Buklijas

Senior Research Fellow

+64 9 239 603


Dr Clare Reynolds

Senior Research Fellow

+64 9 923 2753

Dr Julie Brown Senior Research Fellow +64 9 923 2816  

Dr Jacquie Bay

Director LENScience

+64 9 923 4282

Dr Cameron Mitchell Senior Research Fellow

Research fellows, clinical research fellows


Dr Silmara Gusso

Research Fellow

+64 9 923 3795


Dr Felicia Low

Research Fellow

+64 9 923 4489


Dr Sherry Ngo

Research Fellow


Dr Anna Ponnampalam

Research Fellow

+64 9 923 2115

Dr Amber Milan Research Fellow (post doc) +64 9 923 4785  
Dr Biju Balakrishnan Research Fellow +64 9 923 7410  
Dr Elizabeth McKenzie Research Fellow +64 9 923 4751  
Dr Ben Albert Research Fellow  
Dr Jamie de Seymour Research Fellow

Dr Shikha Pundir

Research Fellow

Dr William Schierding Research Fellow  
Dr Valentina Chiavaroli Research Fellow  
Honorary academics  

Dr Fredrik Ahlsson

Associate Professor ext 86691


Dr Jane Alsweiler

Senior Lecturer, Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health

+64 9 379 7440
ext 25367


Dr Ahila Ayyavoo Associate Professor  
Dr Chris Baldi University of Otago
Dunedin School of Medicine
    Senior Research Fellow
Associate Professor Malcolm Battin Auckland District Health Board
Newborn Services
Professor John Challis University of Toronto, Canada     Professor Emeritus
Dr Stuart Dalziel Auckland District Health Board
Paediatric Emergency Services
Associate Professor Peter Dearden University of Otago
Genetics Otago
Dr Alec Ekeroma University of Auckland
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Senior Lecturer
Professor Elwyn Firth University of Auckland
Sport and Exercise Science
Dr Richard Fisher Fertility Associates, Auckland     Co-founder, Director
Professor Terrence Forrester University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Tropical Medicine Research Institute
    Chief Scientist, UWI Solutions for Developing Countries
Professor Alistair Gunn University of Auckland
    Head of Department
Professor Mark Hanson University of Southampton
Institute of Developmental Sciences
Dr Deborah Harris Waikato District Health Board
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    Nurse Practitioner

Professor Michael Heymann

Professor Emeritus

Dr Timothy Hornung Auckland District Health Board
Paediatric Cardiology
Dr Craig Jefferies Auckland District Health Board
Peadiatric Diabetes and Endocrinology
Professor Lesley McCowan University of Auckland
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    Head of Department
Cameron McLean University of Auckland      
Professor Kenneth McNatty Victoria University Wellington
School of Biological Sciences
Reproductive Biology
Professor Poul Nielsen University of Auckland
Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Dr John Peek Fertility Associates, Auckland     Group Operations Manager
Tony Pleasants AgResearch, Hamilton
Ruakura Research Centre

Dr Deborah Sloboda

McMaster University, Canada
Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences

Associate Professor

Professor Hamish Spencer University of Otago
Genetics Otago

Dr Michael Steiner

University of Auckland

+64 9 923 6689


Professor Peter Stone Auckland Distric Health Board
Maternal and Fetal Medicine
Associate Professor Andrew Taberner University of Auckland
Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Professor Graeme Wake Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University
    Professor Emeritus
Dr Gina O'Grady Liggins Institute  
Dr Veronica Boyle Liggins Institute  

Professional staff

Dr Anne Bardsley Research Analyst
PMCSA Office  
Nicole Bassett Development Manager +64 9 923 2041  
Sarah Bennett Comms & Marketing Snr Advisor +64 9 923 2097  

Chandrakanth Bhoothpur

Medical Laboratory Scientist

+64 9 923 3432


Janene Biggs

Senior Clinical Research Nurse

+64 9 923 6098


Tineke Crawford

Translation Synthesis Research Coordinator

Sarah Curtis Research Services & Clinical Programme Manager +64 9 923 3420  
Jane Duffy Senior Research Programme Coordinator +64 9 923 1625  

Kelly Fredell

Clinical Research Coordinator

+64 221 364 933  
Seema Karpe
Research Programme Coordinator  

Christine Keven

Research Technician

+64 9 923 3439


Jean Leonard

Senior Administrator

+64 9 923 2312


Suzanne Mannering

Research Nurse  
Robyn May Clinical Research Projects Manager +64 9 923 8224  

Elizabeth McIntosh

Research Accountant

+64 9 923 5708


Grace McKnight

Research/Data Assistant  
Madalina Mirea Research Programme Manager +64 9 923 3613  

Gregg Pardoe

Facilities Manager, Liggins Farm


Hui Hui Phua

Research Technician

+64 9 923 3432

Lynda Pitcaithly Institute Operations Manager +64 9 923 8063  

Jenny Rogers

Research Nurse & Kaiarahi  

Michelle Scott

Research Operations Administrator

+64 9 923 6691

Nicola Shepheard Media Advisor +64 9 923 1515  

Kate Sommers

EA to Prof Frank Bloomfield

+64 9 923 8346


Heather Stewart

Developmental Research Assistant  

Eric Thorstensen

Laboratory Manager

+64 9 923 1938

James Tomlinson General Assistant      
Alena Vasilenko Medical Officer  

PhD students

Dr Yvonne Anderson Doctoral candidate
Emma Buckels Doctoral candidate
Biomedical science

Barbara Cormack

Doctoral candidate
Health sciences


Randall D'Souza Doctoral candidate
Biomedical science
Aahana Shrestha Doctoral candidate
Biomedical sciences  
Nina Zeng Doctoral candidate
Biomedical sciences
Utpal Prodhan Doctoral candidate