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Philanthropic funding

Philanthropic and charitable funding allows us to undertake additional and innovative research which might not be funded by traditional sources. It has helped promising young researchers establish their careers.


The Liggins is an international centre of intellectual excellence that New Zealanders can be proud of. But medical research is expensive and New Zealand’s national investment in this area is low compared with other OECD countries. While we compete successfully for public and commercial research funding these sources are limited and unpredictable.

To grow and develop and carry out the truly innovative research we have become famous for we ask our community to help.


Charitable funding and benefactors

We appreciate the significant funding support we receive from a number of charitable trusts and private benefactors. Typically these fund specific research projects and the funding is spread over several years.

We acknowledge the support received in recent years from:

  • The Breast Cancer Research Trust
    For a large programme developing new strategies to treat breast cancer.
  • The Kelliher Charitable Trust
    Research Innovation Awards and research projects for our young scientists.
  • Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate
    Assisted with the capital development of the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom at the Liggins Institute and contributes to the operation of the LENScience programme based in the Classroom.
  • Jubilee Crippled Children Foundation Trust
    Supports development of an innovative new treatment for adolescents with cerebral palsy.
  • Lion Foundation
    Assisted with the capital development of the Sir John Logan Campbell Classroom and has supported maternal and fetal nutrition research.
  • Auckland Medical Research Foundation
    Supports clinical research projects, fellowships and travel grants.
  • Douglas Charitable Trust
    Supports the Sir Graeme and Lady Douglas Research Fellowship
  • David Levene Foundation
    Supports various research projects.
  • HB Williams Turanga Trust
    Supports research into the effects of environental toxins on fetal development.
  • Gus Fisher Estate
    Supports research into Parkinson Diseasse
  • The individual benefactors whose generous and substantial gifts fund postgraduate scholarships
    and support clinical and biomedical research projects.

Gifts and sponsorships

We are grateful to the people, companies, foundations and other organisations who have supported us in a variety of ways, including

Fertility Associates

Fertility Associates are partners in our research. They have contributed sponsorship towards a Fertility Associates Research Fellowship.

Visit Fertility Associates website


Team McMillan BMW

  • Supported production and mailing costs for the Institute's newsletter Dialogue.
    Read previous issues of Dialogue
  • They were the host venue sponsors for the Couture Car Boot Sale series of charity fashion events organised by the Liggins Institute Trust 2009 - 2012.
  • The Liggins Institute wa the beneficiary of the 2006 Team McMillan BMW Art Awards. The BMW Art Bonnets were auctioned at the Celebrating Creative Connections fundraising event in 2007.

Visit the Team McMillian BMW website


Find out more

To discuss ways in which you can help the Liggins Institute please contact

Nicole Bassett, Liggins Institute Development Manager
Phone: +64 (0)21 2462801




The University of Auckland and the Liggins Institute are mindful of the need to ensure that donated funds are applied only to the public good research components of the Institute’s activities and cannot be applied (unless requested by the donor) to projects where commercial arrangements have been entered into. Specific procedures have been developed to ensure this, and potential donors are invited to contact the Institute’s Director for further information.

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