Growing Up in New Zealand: Surviving and thriving throughout the pre-school years Event as iCalendar

21 June 2017

12:30 - 1:30pm

Venue: Liggins Institute – Room 505-003

Location: 85 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland

Cost: Free

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Associate Professor Susan Morton

Speaker: Associate Professor Susan Morton

Director – Centre for Longitudinal Research
University of Auckland

Growing Up in New Zealand provides contemporary, population-relevant evidence about what shapes the development of children growing up in New Zealand in the 21st century. Longitudinal information now available includes pregnancy information from mothers and partners as well as multiple data collection waves in the children’s pre-school years, together with linkage to routine health and education data. The information provides a rich resource for policy makers, for researchers and for community stakeholders to find answers to questions such as: What makes us who we are? How can we know what it takes to ensure that every child gets the best start in life? How can we help policy developers make the best decisions for the wellbeing of all Kiwi kids? This talk will explore what we have found over the first five years of the children’s lives and where to from here?

About the speaker: Associate Professor Susan Morton is the Director of the Centre for Longitudinal Research at the University of Auckland. The cross-faculty, multi-disciplinary centre is the home of the contemporary longitudinal study – Growing Up in New Zealand, which she has been the principal investigator of since its inception in 2005. Susan is a public health physician and an expert in life course epidemiology, intergenerational wellbeing, translational research and econometric modelling of life course outcomes.